Vijaya Massage Oil

1 Bottle - 60ml

Since ancient times, massage is used in this world to enhance the beauty, to keep the vigour of youth, for relief from fatigue and keep the body supple. The main components of oil are celastrine, paniculatin and an aromatic oil. These components in Ayurveda are considered to stimulate “Medha” (intellect) and promote ”smruti” (memory). In Siddha writing, besides the above efficacy, the oil from the plant prevents fatigue.

Increases blood supply, soothes nerves and toughens the muscles.

Tones up the person externally and maintains the respiration.

Gets rid of stiffness, soreness of muscles, numbness, paralysis, rheumatism and keep the body healthy.

Method of Use:

Apply it gently to the affected area and retain it for an hour.


As per requirement FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.


Helps in relieving muscular pain.

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60ml Bottle 1 Bottle

20th - Jul, 2018

Saira Sayyed

My aunty had problem of severe joint pains. She tried lots of massage oils but there were no results. Then we got to know about Vijaya Massage Oil of Vibha Natural Products. She has been using this oil since last six months. She gets immediate relief on regular application. Vijaya Massage Oil is a very good product and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who has any type of joint pains.

30th - Jul, 2018

Ganesh M. Wagh

माझा जॉब कॉम्पुटरवर असल्या मुळे मला पाठ दुखीचा खूप त्रास होता, पण विभा नॅचरलचं विजया मसाज ऑइल वापरल्या मुळे मला खूप फरक जाणवला धन्यवाद विभा नॅचरल.

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