Rejumax Capsules

1 Strip - 10Caps

The present most competitive day to day life gives us tremendous stress and strain. This disturbs the appetite, poor nutrition etc, causes deficiency of essential amino acids, minerals and other nutrients which causes anaemia and poor health in male and female.


Performance Enhancement.

Overcoming Sexual Dysfunction.

As Powerful Aphrodisiac.

Improving Energy Levels and Metabolism.

Increasing Stamina.

Enhancing & Prolonging Sexual Performance.

Approved colours used in capsule:

Rejumax provides relief, as it is highly potent with highly concentrated herbal constituents. It enhances performance capacity and gives more satisfaction to life. Ashwagandha also known as Indian ginseng (withania somnifera) has been used since vedic times as a herbal tonic and health food. Various enzymes help glucose utilisation resulting in powerful boosting action to improve working capacity by relieving fatigue, elevating concentration and enhances the ability to perform critical task.
Rejumax builds up muscular strength and energy and relieves from fatigue thereby gives rejuvenation to the body and complete fitness with one capsule a day.


One capsule a day, one hour before desire. For better results use it with Pronto oil.

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10 Capsules 1 Stripe
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