Onefit Capsules

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Onefit provides relief, as it is highly potent with concentrated herbal constituents. It enhances performance capacity and gives more satisfaction to life. Aswagandha also known as Indian Ginseng (Withania Somnifera) has been used since Vedic times as a herbal tonic and health food. Various enzymes helps glucose utilisation which result in powerful boosting action to improve working capacity by relieving fatigue, elevating concentration and enhances the ability to perform critical tasks. Onefit builds up muscular strength and energy and relieves from stress and fatigue gives rejuvenation to the body and complete fitness with two capsules a day.

Useful for:

General physical weakness and extensive fatigue where there is a exhaustion and inability to concentrate low pressure, anaemia and loss of appetite. Pre and post exam exhaustion in student. Loss of appetite, sleep and irritability post operative restorative. As adjuvant for all long term therapies, frigidity in females.


Two capsules per day. 30 days of regular use of Onefit is recommended for good result. Elderly persons may take Onefit for prolonged periods without any harm.

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20th - Jul, 2018

Mrs. M Burns

I am just back from Goa, where we bought Onefit Capsules. They have helped my husband so much that I am writing to you to ask if I could order five packets and if you could send me the invoice to pay the amount owed. We paid Rs. 80 in Goa for 10 Capsules. Thank you Vibha Natural for your help.

20th - Jul, 2018

Mr. E. F. Fernandes

I am regular user of your distinguished product ONEFIT Capsules. At present, the above referred product is not available here, in Goa. I searched lot of medical shops centers; but in all, it is found short of stock. I would like to be grateful to you if I am informed where the same is available in Goa, in case negative, please send me by postal V.P.P. for boxes, i.e. at least five boxes of 10 capsules each, so that I may receive the same at an early date, against payment through the postal V.P.P., and I thank you gratefully. Direct parcel from, is preferable.

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