1 Bottle - 50gms

Twice a Day in the form of hot Tea/Decoction- one tea spoon per cup (before Lunch & Dinner)

It helps to bring down stress and tension and helps to enhance Memory.

Each 50 gms. Memory Enhancing Powder contains freshly harvested following ingredients:

Brahmi (Centella asiatica) 25gms.

Shankha pushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides Linn.) 15 gms.

Harda (Terminalia chebula) 10 gms.

Brahmi (Centella asiatica):

The stems are slender, creeping stolons, green to reddish green in color, interconnecting one plant to another. It has long-stalked, green, reniform leaves with rounded apices which have smooth texture with palmately netted veins. The leaves are borne on pericardial petioles, around 20 cm. The rootstock consists of rhizomes, growing vertically down. They are creamish in colour and covered with root hair. It is Tonic, Diuretic and Alterative. It improves general health of the patient. It is a brain tonic.
Centella asiatica is a small herbaceous annual plant of the family. Two main active constituents in Brahmi are Bacoside A and B. Bacoside A assists in release of nitric oxide that allows the relaxation of the aorta and veins, to allow the blood to flow more freely through the body. Bacoside B is a protein attributed to nourishing the brain cells. Asiaticosides stimulate the reticuloendothelial system where new blood cells are formed and old ones destroyed, fatty materials are stored, iron is metabolized, and immune responses and inflammation occur or begin. Centella appears to act on the various phases of connective tissue development, which are part of the healing process and increases keratinization which allows it to stimulate healing of ulcers, skin injuries, connective tissue and to decrease capillary fragility. Asiaticosides also stimulate the synthesis of lipids and proteins necessary for healthy skin.

Shankha pushpi (Evolvulus alsinoides Linn.):

Shankha pushpi sharpens the memory and increases concentration. It is quite useful in minimizing excitement and tension. It is very useful in intellectual persons e.g. advocates, teachers, doctors, engineers and students for their mental power. Shankha pushpi ensures sleep and ensures freshness after sleep.

Harda (Terminalia chebula):

Fruits:- Obovoid or ellipsoidal from a broad base, glabrous. Formation in November to January. Abundant in North India and southwards to the Deccan tablelands at 1,000 to 3,000 ft. Fruit contains a constituent which has a wide antibacterial and antifungal spectrum and also inhibits growth of E.coli, the most common organism responsible for urinary tract infection. The fruit pulp exhibits laxative properties.
It is regarded as an universal panacea in the Ayurvedic Medicine. It is allegedly also a powerful detoxification agent.

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05th - Apr, 2018

Mrs Sharmin Patel

Tried your Product MEMEX. Memory Booster Powder .Initially had picked up only for trial. I was a little hesitant. But I have seen really good results. My son is consuming it very regularly, I have found an improvement in his concentration, ability to retain information. Also grasping has improved. Thank you for a wonderful product.

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