Kuntala Herbal Shampoo

1 Bottle - 100ml

KUNTALA is a herbal preparation made from ten distinguished herbs. It is prepared at one of the most advanced international laboratory using sophisticated equipment, and most advanced separation and manufacturing techniques. KUNTALA is based on ancient herbal recipe which is at least few thousand years old. KUNTALA is prepared from 100% natural herbs.

Making hair, soft and silky, luxuriant and healthy.

Removing unwanted excess oil from hair.

Preventing dandruff and lice.

Method of Use:

Put recommended dosage in your palm, just before bath, moisten other hand’s fingers and give a gentle massage with finger tips at the roots of hair on the scalp for few minutes to ensure uniform spread and wash thoroughly.


1 teaspoon for short and 2 teaspoon for long hair.

Duration of Usage:

It is recommended to be used at least twice a week for luxuriant and silky hair.

Side Effects:

Being a 100% NATURAL PRODUCT it does not have any side effects.


For cleansing and nourishing normal to oily hair.


Men, women and children with normal to oily hair. To get a healthy, luxuriant and silky hair, it is recommended at least twice a week. Ideal for use before & after hair dyeing.

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30th - Jul, 2018

Shailesh S. Penkar

I have been using Kuntala Shampoo for three months, twice in a week. This treatment formula has made my hair healthy, strong and has taken care of my dandruff problem entirely. I recommend this product

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