Vaishali Ayurved Hair Oil

4 Bottles - 100ml

Vaishali Ayurved Hair Oil combines the aspiration of the great civilisation with ultra modern technology. Super Critical fluid Extraction Techniques enable to preserve the heat sensitive natural ingredients present in the herbs thereby preventing the herbs from degrading. Thus all the ingredients are available in nearest to the natural form resulting in optimum efficiency. Regular use of these herbs is believed to ensure dark hair and prevent hair fall. This is an ideal herbal treatment specially for dull and lifeless hair. Amla, Bhringaraj, Brahmi helps to cleanse the scalp and strengthen the roots of the hair without disturbing the pH balance.
Henna nourishes hair and promotes hair growth. It also restores Glow and Shine to chemically abused hair. The natural Proteins, Minerals & Vitamins contents in these ingredients penetrate the hair shaft, nourishes the scalp with better circulation of the blood. Amla strengthens hair follicles and helps to restore health to damaged hair. It makes it more radiant, glossy & luxuriant.

Instruction for Use:

Shake the bottle well before use.
Ensure the scalp is clean and dry.
Apply preferably before going to bed.

Method of Uses:

Put recommended dosage in one of your hand, moisten other hands fingers with Vaishali, then give a gentle massage with fingertips at the roots of hair on the scalp for 15-30minutes to ensure uniform spread of Vaishali. Wash thereafter with a Kuntala Shikakai Shampoo.


Apply two teaspoonful or more on the hair and scalp.

Duration of Usage:

Three times a week for healthy & silky hair.

Side Effects:

Being a 100% NATURAL PRODUCT it does not have any side effects.
Recommended for Men, Women & Children of all ages.

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100ml Bottle 4 Bottles
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