Urvashi - Rambha Oil
(3 Bottles - 50ml each)

Urvashi Oil
It is a herbal tonic for women for sexual enhancement. A small quantity of the oil should be applied to Vagina gently and massaged in circular motion for about 5 minutes till the oil is completely absorbed.

Increasing the Libido.

Improves sexual satisfaction.

Reduces severity of PMS syndrome.

Rambha Oil
It is 100% herbal tonic for breast enhancement made from rare herbs. The oil should be rubbed from the base of the breasts upwards right up to the chin with firm and circular upwards strokes. It is recommended to take up Swimming, Physical exercises, Yoga and Deep breathing to help towards achieving the desired result.

Improving Skin texture.

Firming up slackened bust.

Urvashi Oil:

Method of Use:

– Apply 5 ml. of the oil gently to vagina and slowly massage in circular motion for 5 minutes till the oil is completely absorbed.

– The massaging action increases the blood flow to the vagina and increases the impulses for initiating the sexual act.

– The highly organised sensory system then transmits signals to the brain thereby initiating the urge for sex.

– The product has already proved highly successful with woman who have used the product when it is desired to have intercourse.


Female Libido Enhancer Oil.

Rambha Oil:

Method of Use:

– 5 ml. of Rambha Oil should be applied as Bust Tonic everyday in the morning from the base of the Breast right up to the chin with firm and circular upwards strokes.

– Massaging should be continued for at least 10 minutes. Regular application for 3 months helps in enhancing the breast firmness and the size.

– Swimming, physical exercises including daily deep breathing immensely helps. Also lying on the stomach, lifting torso and legs off the ground simultaneously enhances the Firmness. Yoga along with Pranayam – Deep Breathing exercises as prescribed in Yoga texts help.


For Breast Development.

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