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Neemolice Oil
Neemolice contains primarily Neem Oil and Karanj Oil. Neem Oil contains high levels of Azadirachtin which is a powerful bitter. Neem oil is a vegetable oil pressed from the fruits and seeds of Neem (Azadirachta indica), an evergreen tree which is endemic to the Indian sub-continent and has been introduced to many other areas in the tropics.

Killing of Lice and its eggs.


Preventing Dandruff & eczema.

Kuntala Shikakai Shampoo
KUNTALA is a herbal preparation made from ten distinguished herbs that are grown spontaneously in Asia and South America. Kuntala Shikakai Shampoo is prepared at one of the most advanced international laboratory using sophisticated equipment and most advanced separation and manufacturing techniques. Kuntala is based on ancient herbal recipe which is at least few thousand years old. Kuntala is being offered in Europe and USA.

Makes hair clean, soft and silky.

Protects and preserves scalps’ natural oils.

Prevents dandruff and lice.

Makes hair strong, healthy and lustrous.

Neemolice Oil & Kuntala Shikakai Shampoo

Method of Use:

Take two table spoonful of oil in palm and apply it uniformly to the scalp (head). Ensure uniform coverage. For effective results, keep it overnight and wash it next day preferably with Kuntala Shikakai Shampoo.


If dandruff, eczema or lice infestation is very high, then in the initial stages, apply the oil every day for the one week. Thereafter apply twice a week. But every time care should be taken to ensure that the oil is spread over the entire scalp, allow it to remain on the scalp overnight and wash the next day.

Ideally suitable for children, men and women of all ages.

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500ml & 100ml Bottle 2 Bottles

05th - Apr, 2018


I was fortunate enough to come across Vibha Natural Products and their Kuntala Shikakai Shampoo. Their shampoo made my scanty and dry hair seem soft, luscious and voluminous. I order from them in bulk because it is a great investment for my hair. The ingredients are all natural and have had absolutely no adverse effects on my hair or scalp whatsoever. Good going.

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